Thomas Dudley Turbo Edge Compact Syphon

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Brand:  Thomas Dudley

Thomas Dudley Turbo Edge Compact Syphon

The Only Syphon You Will Ever Need
Dudley’s Turbo Edge is the world’s most compact syphon, guaranteed to fit more places than any others, with absolutely no compromise on flush performance.

Manufactured in the UK by Thomas Dudley, Turbo Edge is guaranteed to fit into all types of lever-operated cistern currently available, offering plumbers, installers and designers a versatile, easy-to fit and easy-to-service solution even in the tightest spaces.

Features and Benefits
7 reasons why the TurboEdge toilet syphon is the perfect choice for modern bathroom installations…

Best fit: The world’s smallest serviceable toilet syphon is guaranteed to fit all lever-operated cisterns.
Easy to install: Turbo Edge’s height-adjustable, demountable design allows for easy first-time fitting for most cistern shapes.
Easy to maintain: Because it’s demountable you don’t have to dismantle the entire cistern for servicing in future.
Good in a tight spot: The all-new, fully captive yellow fixing pin doesn’t have to be removed during installation so it’s easier for you to work in tight spaces.
Saves water: Easy-flush volume adjustments can be done in seconds and Duoflush comes as standard.
Easy to retrofit: Turbo Edge is the only toilet syphon that will retrofit onto ALL existing Dudley downlegs issued over the last 30 years (including the Turbo 88 Adjustable and Fixed Height, S44R and S1-11 syphons).
Easy for all users: Turbo Edge’s user-friendly, light-touch operation makes it ideal for very young and elderly users.

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